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Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment using ACTECH Oil Buster Epoxy Concrete Primer

Use ACTECH Oil Buster™ Epoxy Primer to prepare concrete substrates for the application of special chemical protective coatings on secondary containment projects.

ACTECH Oil Buster™ Epoxy Primer can be your INVISIBLE PARTNER on concrete substrates where the levels of soaked-in oils, fuels, and other hydrocarbons would make the application of specialty protective coatings extremely risky or impossible.

Without specialty protective coatings, concrete substrates will corrode and deteriorate over time under harsh industrial conditions and exposure to various chemicals and effluents. 

But what if the specialty protective coating will not adhere to the existing concrete substrate because of high levels of soaked-in oils, fuels, and other contaminants? What if the protective coating will delaminate prematurely -- or not bond at all?

Secondary Containment area prepared with ACTECH Oil Buster™ Primer

ACTECH Oil Buster™ Epoxy Primer is engineered to encapsulate soaked-in oils and hydrocarbons already contained in the concrete substrate from rising to the surface to delaminate or stain the final protective concrete coating. Oil Buster™ provides a protected substrate for specialty coatings to adhere to.

Additional benefits of ACTECH Oil Buster™ Epoxy Primer include;

  • Moderate moisture barrier between concrete and protective coating

  • Chemical resistance (bottom-up and top-down)

  • Good Impact Resistance

  • Exceptional bonding strength

  • Zero VOC Emissions




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