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Specialty Primer for Isolating Excessive Concrete Moisture Vapor and Alkalinity (pH)

Protects Flooring and Concrete Coatings

ESD Flooring must always be isolated from any residual moisture vapor contained within the concrete. The newly placed (green) concrete floor in a high profile electronics fabrication plant specified ACTECH 2170FC as the required moisture mitigation primer

Interior Applications

Used as a Moisture Mitigation Primer, ACTECH 2170FC provides robust protection against excessive concrete moisture and alkalinity (pH) under flooring (like ESD, Rubber, Luxury Vinyl, and Terrazzo) or when the total service life of seamless coatings or resilient flooring is a major project objective.

Tested Performance

ISO 9001-15 & ISO 17025

Formulated, manufactured, and independently tested by ISO Certified companies to ensure quality control of raw materials, consistency in product manufacturing, and robust field performance. See Certificates.

ASTM F3010

ACTECH 2170FC is independently tested as ASTM F3010 compliant at a spread rate of 12 mils. See our Test Certificate to confirm we meet the highest industry standards and construction specifications.

Zero VOC Emissions

One product formula for use in all 50 States. See Our Certificate.

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When Flooring System is Moisture Sensitive

When Flooring Failure is Not an Option

When Schedules & Labor Markets are Tight

When Project Must Comply to ZERO VOC Mandate

Application Overview

ACTECH 2170™ FC for Interior Applications

FAQs - Flooring Application of ACTECH 2170FC

Use when nothing else will work to isolate flooring products from excessive concrete moisture.